Egbert Streuer

Egbert Streuer

Gespann-Weltmeister 1984 / 85 / 86
12 facher Holländischer Meister


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  1. Christoph Ludwig 15. Juli 2017 at 13:01 - Reply

    Dear Egbert;

    In the occation of the 80th Birthday of our father, Klaus Dieter Ludwig, who always was and still is a fan of the motorsports.
    His passion started 65 years ago when he visit the Sachesenring the first time.
    We would be delighted to get a personalized autograph of Carl Crutschlow you.
    We aim to get 80 different autographs of famous racing driver 8
    (previous & present) for his 80th Birthday in September.

    We appreciate your efforts.

    Kind regards,
    Stephan and Christoph
    (Sons of Klaus-Dieter)

    Post adress
    Christoph Ludwig
    Grunowstr. 4
    13187 Berlin

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